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 LionX Publishing Chapter and Picture Books for Children


"Destiny, Valor and a Lizard named Louie"
(book 1 in the series)

 "... Simba of “The Lion King,” cross him with an orphaned prince named Louie, mix in some life lessons ...and you get the delightful Destiny, Valor and a Lizard named Louie by Michael Ambrosio. What “Finding Nemo” did for fish, Louie does for lizards."
    - Kristin Johnson, Reviewer MyShelf.com

Written by Michael Ambrosio
Chapter book (ages 8 and up)
128 pages, paperback
Publication Date:
March 2004
ISBN 0-9716085-3-9


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LionX Publishing Picture Books for Children

I Don't Like Mosquitoes! ©
(starring Poochiegrass the Pup) ©
Written by Michael Ambrosio
Illustrated by Bob Langan
11x8.5, 48 pages, hardcover
Publication Date:
October 2003
ISBN 0-9716085-2-0

"Just the name of this fun-loving doggy will get kids laughing."
WeeOnesMag.com, Book of the Month - May 2004

"...children will love this funny, colorful book. ...beautifully illustrated"
- Nashville News, February 2004

"Beautifully illustrated, children will fall in love with a little puppy named Poochiegrass."
- Times of Southwest Louisianna, December 2003

"...vibrant illustrations...enthusiastically told and highly recommended tale."
    - Midwest Book Review, November 2003

"This book is a lot of fun to read aloud. ...a winner with young children"
- Lisa Prejean, The Herald-Mail, October 2003

This book gets 5 hearts."
- Jane Deskis, Heartland Reviews, August 2003

One of the best kids books on the market!."
- Kimbery, September 2003

Our kids can't put it down."
- Otterstedt, December 2003

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