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About Children's Book Author Michael Ambrosio

The product of immigrant parents, Michael Ambrosio* comes from a rich Hispanic heritage where family and faith are high priorities. His father emigrated from Spain at the age of eighteen with little more than a few dollars in his pocket and a strong academic recommendation. His mother came to the United States from El Salvador with her own compelling story of courage. Having met in Los Angeles, they soon fell in love and married.

Michael, the third of four children, inherited his parent’s sense of adventure. Growing up near the beach in southern California, Michael quickly took to the sport of surfing. Through his many years of surfing, complete with exhilarating wave rides and near-death experiences, Michael was forever captured by the spirit of faith and adventure.

When Michael married and started a family of his own, he began relating his own adventures to his five children in the form of bedtime stories. Over the years, Michael has collected the biggest hits, (according to his small test audience), and refined them to begin his authoring adventure.

Drawing from this reservoir, Michael teamed with Sacramento illustrator Bob Langan, to create the I Don't series of children's picture books (ages 4-8); I Don’t Want to Be Lunch! (Spring 2002), I Don’t Want to Take a Nap! (Fall 2002) and I Don’t Like Mosquitoes! (Fall 2003).

In Spring 2004 Michael released Destiny, Valor and a lizard named Louie the first in the Destiny series of children's chapter books (ages 8 and up). He has also been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Insight Magazine and other regional publications.

Upcoming books by Michael Ambrosio include Attack of the Geckos, the next book in the Destiny chapter book series. All his books combine humor and adventure with a captivating story line, featuring riveting characters that children love. Michael lives with his wife and five children in Folsom, California and holds degrees from the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of California at Irvine.

*Michael Ambrosio is  Kenneth Michael San Vicente. Ken took his middle name, Michael, and combined it with the first name of his paternal grandfather, Ambrosio San Vicente, to form his pseudonym. Ken’s grandfather, Ambrosio San Vicente, was a decorated World War II hero. Ambrosio San Vicente fought against Nazis Germany in the French underground. He smuggled downed Allied pilots out of France and into neutral Spain so they could return to England. He was eventually captured and spent two years in a German prison camp. For his courage and sacrifice he was commended by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, awarded the Kings Medal by the British government and the Medal of Freedom by the United States government.

Michael also conducts author assemblies at California elementary schools:
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Author Day School Event Information

Michael also writes freelance articles from time to time.
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