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About Illustrator Bob Langan

Growing up in the suburbs of Sacramento, illustrator Bob Langan has always loved to draw. As he progressed through his career, Bob found that his special joy was drawing animated characters for children. Getting the opportunity to work for a number of different animation studios, he was able to glean artistic techniques from some of the most experienced animators in the field. With his skills blossoming, Bob was attracting the attention of some of the most prestigious studios in the world. But by circumstance, and by choice, Bob stayed independent, which has enabled him to develop and refine his own unique art style. Having created a wide variety of lovable characters for children of all ages, his trademark style involves bringing illustrations “to life” so children can easily identify with his characters and their emotions.

As an award winning designer, Bob brings his artistic talents to the illustrations of the  "I Don't ..." series of children's picture books (ages 4-8); I Don’t Want to Be Lunch! (Spring 2002), I Don’t Want to Take a Nap! (Fall 2002) and I Don’t Like Mosquitoes! (Fall 2003).

Bob’s animation background truly shows in these books as he beckons both children and adults into a new and captivating world of animated characters and their adventures. Bob lives in Roseville, California with his two daughters.

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