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    Chapter Books
    (ages 8 and up)

"Attack of the Geckos "
(book 2 in the Destiny series)

 Louie has defeated the chameleons and become King. The only chameleon left in the kingdom is Trina, and she is in prison. All is quiet on Lizard Island, home to the blue-belly lizards...

until Trina escapes!

Louie has trained his lizards to recognize chameleon tricks and deception, so they won't be easily fooled again, right? Besides, how much damage can one chameleon do?

Watch Louie learn that the only thing harder than becoming the King, is being the King. Who are his true friends? Who are his real enemies? Are chameleons the only threat to his rule, and his life?

Follow Louie on another amazing adventure as he must reach new heights in courage, wisdom and love. And see if he can defeat another kind of enemy - the Geckos!

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